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V2.3.217 (2019.12.04)
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Why is it permanently available?

Massive distributed VPN using blockchain technology. Breaks through blockades. Completely unable to be banned.

Blockchain VPN technology

Decentralized data storage technology ensures that there will always be service providers and the service is always available.

Massive service providers

10,000+ service providers, and automatic switching in real time based on quality of service.

Nodes worldwide

Service providers all around the world, changing dynamically in real time, ensuring that they cannot be completely blocked.

Selling bandwidth to make money

Become a service provider and easily earn money

As long as you have a good network connection, you can become our line service provider and make money by providing line services for other users.


1. Fast network speed: upload and download speeds of at least 10Mbps.

2. Stable connection, extended up-time: long-term stability without dropped connections, guaranteeing at least 8 hours per day of continuous uptime.

3. PC-based service: Mobile phones move regularly, and signal fluctuations influence the ability to provide stable service.


Help people in internet-restricted countries visit global websites freely

If you live in part of the free world and are willing to help people in other countries to surf the Internet freely, you can make money by becoming one of our service providers, or donate the money to the people in a country of your choosing.

From the PC client, you can directly donate any gold coins you earn to a designated country or countries, and we will distribute these coins to users in this country to subsidize their use of our services.

Faster and Safer

Faster internet speed, connecting you and the internet

Automatically finds the fastest service provider based on the websites you visit, helping you to experience unprecedented VPN speed.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to quickly access previously blocked websites without having to manually switch VPN lines.


Protecting your privacy

The availability of each service provider is determined individually, and the lines are randomized so that any connection is untrackable.

We attach great importance to network security, and the features of our product make our VPN more secure than centralized server-based VPNs.


Our product’s features mandate higher overhead costs. Deducting our operating costs, the rest of the fees you pay will go to subsidize the service providers providing a line for you.

Free Member

Just invite your friends to sign up, you will get 500MB of permanently free traffic for each invitation and experience the thrill of surfing the internet at turbo speed.

Experience in EachVPN

Diamond Member

No limit on traffic. Use it however you want. Suitable for regular users.

$9.99 / Month
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About Us

Company Vision We are an international product team with members from all over the world, including the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.
Our vision is to make the global Internet accessible and untrackable, allowing netizens in more countries to surf the web faster, more smoothly and unimpeded.


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